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  • ABS metal plastic tray
  • Blowing tray
  • Engine cylinder
  • Car Wheel Blister Tray
  • Auto parts plastic tray
  • Heaven and earth
  • Blanket Blister
  • Injection tray

Shanghai Zhen Plastic Industry Co., Ltd. was established in 2006, has several times through the development of relocation, the company is located in Shanghai Jiading Nanxiang Industrial Park Jiajia Road 800, the company has four high-speed exit around the western suburbs of Shanghai, Taihu Lake downstream , The upper reaches of the Huangpu River. East and Putuo District adjacent to the South and Minhang District interchange, West and Jiangsu Province, Taicang City, Kunshan City, Suzhou City, bordering the North and Baoshan District, Yangzhou City, Nantong City phase. 

Qualification Honors

  • professional teamHave a modern production workshop
  • ExperienceMore than 12 years of experienced engineers, craftsmen and senior technicians
  • R & D designBuild a R & D design, manufacturing and sales of integrated system
  • advanced equipmentSelection of Haitian licensing professional hardware equipment
  • Quality assuranceIn strict accordance with national standards
  • 13817201026

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